...and on the 7th day, God Rocked

Many have entered - only one can win

Who will you root for in this laugh-out-loud rockumentary about a Christian Battle of the Bands? Wrathful Old Testament hip-hoppers Sons of Abraham or born-again hard-rockers Savior? Lapsed Catholic Angie Hynes, who’s gone from punk to country in search of success, or the folksy love-fest of harmony-laden trio Glory Authority?

A recording contract awaits the winner. Who that will be, only God (and perhaps the promoter) knows…

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“An intelligent, witty take on the absurd that would make the Coen Brothers proud.”
-Rose Chu, Budgeteer News

“Both hilarious satire and weirdly touching”
-Ann Klefstad, DNT

“I just watched a movie that made me ROFLMAOOL about fifty times. Maybe a hundred times. You’ll not want to miss this!”
-Greg Laden, Scienceblogs.com

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